Purchase Porcelain Slab for Your Toronto Renovation

When constructing or renovating your home in Toronto, building materials should be carefully selected only after having taken all factors into account. While it is tempting to choose what you think will look best in your home, and will fit with existing furnishings and fixtures, materials should be given more consideration than simple aesthetics. Porcelain slab is a widely used material in Toronto, and with good reason it considered a great purchase.


Toronto sees significant weather changes during the year, experiencing all seasons in fairly extreme ways. The summer usually brings the average temperature up to 25-30 degrees Celsius. In the winter, temperatures average around -5 to -10 degrees Celsius. The significant change in temperature, in combination with weather such as rain, snow, frost, hail, and strong winds, makes having resilient and flexible building materials increasingly important.
Porcelain slab is very hard and dense, significantly more dense than ceramic. The density makes it great for tiles, as it will not crack under heavy weight. Its density also means water has a harder time working into the material, effectively making it more difficult for moisture to cause cracking over time. Porcelain slab is more resistant to frost, and is completely frost-proof in some cases.

Wear and Tear

When undergoing a renovation or building a home in Toronto, porcelain slab is the perfect material to use in a bathroom or kitchen (where the wear and tear levels tend to be high). Surfaces such as vanities, backsplashes, walls, showers, and countertops will have to sustain a high level of traffic. Porcelain slab is very resistant to stains, scratches, moisture, and wear. The density of the material means you can chop food directly on the stone without scratching the surface. In the bathroom, fairly harsh cleaning products can be used on the porcelain surface without degrading the porcelain or dulling the shine.
Porcelain is not porous, which means the surface is smooth and will not allow for bacteria to gather. Since porcelain slab is often used in bacteria-prone areas of the home, like the bathroom and kitchen, it is very beneficial to have a material that promotes sanitation.

Wide Ranging Aesthetics

Porcelain can come in a variety of styles and looks. It can be glossed or have a dull finish. While normally white, it can also be artificially coloured in almost any shade. This aspect of the product makes it easy to work into any style of home, and can be incorporated to already established fixtures. If porcelain were to chip, its visual appeal would remain intact. This is different from other materials such as ceramic. Although ceramic is made in a similar way, it is not as dense; and when it chips, the outer surface would not match the inside of the tile. While ceramic is cheaper on the whole than porcelain, its longevity is not as good. This means you will be more likely to sustain chips, scratches and other similar blemishes to a ceramic outfitting. Consider the purchase of porcelain slab for your next Toronto home renovation project.